Brass CNC Turned Components Manufacturers

Brass CNC Turned Parts Manufacturers
Welcome to GK Metals – Leading Brass CNC Turned Parts Manufacturers

Here at GK Metals, we expertly manufacture precise brass CNC turned parts and brass CNC turned components employing the tools of modern CNC techniques, allowing us to meet the stringent quality standards of our customers.

This is the reason why we are the number one brass CNC turned components manufacturer and CNC turned brass parts provider on the market today: we are so dedicated to excellence that we can meet any customer’s demand in the shortest possible time.

Bespoke Brass Parts Generated through CNC Turning for a Variety of Industries

Precision Engineering: Our world-class CNC machines enable us to make brass CNC turned parts with outstanding accuracy and precision for a wide range of industrial applications.

Customization at its Best: Facing up to these needs of the clients, we are better at supplying specialized brass CNC turned parts. The skilled personnel on our team work hand in hand with customers to develop and produce the parts that fit into the clients’ specifications to ensure the utmost performance and application.

Broad Application Range: From automotive to electrical and plumbing, our precision-made brass parts are fit for a wide range of applications showing their power and absorption in various industries.

We, GK Metals manufacture, stock, cut, machine, and deliver products that you need. If you need CNC turned parts, we are the center of your parts manufacturing needs.

Accompanying brass components making, brass CNC turned parts, and brass CNC components making suppliers, GK Metals is the most dependable brass manufacturer on the market.

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Our commitment to quality, which is also serviced by the ability to produce specially designed solutions, is what makes us exceptional. We recognize the significance of accuracy in CNC machining and we passionately work towards making every part and component produced by us, far better than market standards.

Whether you require individual components linearly cut using CNC turning technology, or a standard party that meets your specifications, GK Metals will be here for you as a reliable partner, ready to help you make your project from scratch with customized brass CNC turned parts.

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Threads :

  • - Any special threads per customer specifications.

Use With :

  • - Brass CNC Parts are used in various applications depending on industry

Finish :

  • - Natural Brass
  • - Nickel Plated
  • - Chrome Plated
  • - Any special plating as per customer requirement.

Material :

  • - IS-319/CZ-121 Free Cutting
  • - C3604 Brass for Bar stock fittings
  • - CW 617N Brass for forged fittings
  • - Lead Free, DZR, Bronze, etc.
  • - Any special Graded Material as per customer specifications