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Explore the complete range of production and yield with GK Metals, your advanced brass compression fittings company. The array of brass compression fittings we have on show, are meant for use on various applications. As a leading and trusted brass compression fittings supplier, we guarantee you a leakproof connection all the time.

Brass Compression Supply per Customer Needs for Each Project

Versatile Compatibility: Our brass compression fittings for copper pipe and plastic tubing are designed to provide an appropriate connection for the pair of piping materials giving requisite versatility and wear across numerous projects.

Superior Quality: Given that our company is focused on the production of top-notch brass compression fittings, we guarantee the perfect quality of the output you are going to get. All of the fittings are produced by the best practice quality guides among which are strict quality control measures for meeting the industry standards.

Innovative Design: Our fittings incorporate various design features to ease installation and facilitation of maintenance. Our customers range from professionals to DIY novices hence contributing to the emergence of fans for our brand.

Tie Up with GK Metals for a Premium Experience!

Picking GK Metals as your replacement fittings business is equivalent to longing for a reputable partner. Our top-notch quality products have allowed us to become one of the major players in the brass fittings industry and be a provider of innovative products and services with excellent customer service as a norm.

From brass compression fittings for plastic tubing to innovative solutions for plumbing – we have everything in place - inventory management and required equipment to cater to your needs.

Drop us a line immediately for information on implementing our brass compression fittings in your plumbing solution.

Tube O.D Thread size
1/8” 5/16" x 24
3/16” 3/8" x 24
1/4” 7/16" x 24
5/16” 1/2" x 24
3/8” 9/16" x 24
7/16” 5/8" x 24
1/2” 11/16" x 20
5/8” 13/16" x 18
3/4” 1" x 18
7/8” 1-1/8" x 18

Material :

  • - IS-319/CZ-121 Free Cutting
  • - C3604 Brass for Barstock fittings
  • - CW 617N Brass for forged fittings
  • - Lead Free, DZR, Bronze, etc..
  • - Any special Graded Material as per customer specifications

Finish :

  • - Natural Brass
  • - Nickle Plated
  • - Chrome Plated
  • - Any special plating as per customer requirement

Threads :

  • - Any special threads as per customer specifications

Use with :

  • - Copper Tube
  • - Brass Tube
  • - Aluminium Tube
  • - Plastic Tube