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GK Metals is positioned as the peak of the excellence in brass pipe fittings manufacturing sector of India. Our high-level reputation is based upon a solid foundation of providing brass pipe fittings and brass sanitary fittings that connect seamlessly with other plumbing systems and thus ensure a high-quality result. Our innovative approach combined with high-quality products and satisfied customers are one of the leading manufacturers in the brass pipe fittings industry.

Why choose us for Brass Plumbing Fittings Manufacturer Solutions

Tailored Solutions: We know that each one of the plumbing tasks is unified. Hence we manufacture custom-made solutions to satisfy different needs and requirements of our clients.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques: By using the newest manufacturing technology, GK Metals makes brass pipe fittings that are both long-lasting and precisely carved to fit into the required points.

Extensive Inventory: Our well-stocked cabinet contains the largest assortment of brass pipe fittings that guarantee you get a product that is suited for your project. Whether you require off-the-shelf fitting or customized solution, GK Metals is your partner for all your needs.

Why Partner with GK Metals?

Expertise: Backed by decades of expertise and profound perceptibility of the sector, GK Metals holds the top position as the top-notch brass pipe fittings manufacturers in India.

Quality Assurance: Brass pipe fittings are the results of comprehensive quality control procedures and they match all the standards for quality and performance.

Customer Satisfaction: At GK Metals we see customer satisfaction as our number one goal. We pursue the uncompromising goal by providing service response beyond expectations, on-time delivery, and excellent product quality which is better than competitors.

By partnering with GK Metals you are choosing just one of the brass pipe fittings suppliers which always pursue excellence and innovation.

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Threads :

  • - Any special threads as per customer specifications.

Finish :

  • - Natural Brass
  • - Nickel Plated
  • - Chrome Plated
  • - Any special plating as per customer requirement.

Material :

  • - IS-319/CZ-121 Free Cutting
  • - C3604 Brass for Barstock fittings
  • - CW 617N Brass for forged fittings
  • - Lead-Free, DZR, Bronze, etc..
  • - Any special Graded Material as per customer specifications